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Way's of the Rifle

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Rifle shooting is a sport which puts extreme emphasis on control of the body. Ten to fifteen years are required to perfect the positions. The fine motor control needed for aiming and shot release have to be perfected to an almost unimaginable degree.

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The Ways of the Rifle intends to describe all the facets of this fascinating sport, so most of the top athletes of the last decade are depicted. The classic techniques of rifle shooting are covered in sequence. Beginners, improvers, champions and coaches can all profit equally from this manual. It has been adopted as basic text for the coach education programme of the German Shooting Association (DSB), one of the largest national shooting sport federations in the world. Alongside the classic techniques come discussions of the individual variations used by some of the sport's more exceptional talents over the years. Even when the extremes adopted by some experts are hardly of use to more recreationally-minded club members, new ideas and the lust for experimentation are stimulated. Because techniques, performance levels and equipment are all constantly developing, even at club level there is a trend towards innovation. The Ways of the Rifle documents those trends which currently dominate in the highest level of the sport. 228 pages, over 1000 pictures